Now Accepting Applications for Phoenix, Arizona!

Program Dates: October 17 – November 21, 2014

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A business and its owner must meet the following criteria to be considered for participation:

  • Financially sustainable and a minimum of $250,000 in revenue
  • At least 50% woman-owned
  • Past the startup phase and ready to scale to the next stage of their business plan (i.e. in the growth-phase of business)
  • Able to commit to 90% of meetings, events and classes
  • We evaluate both the business and those who lead it. Entrepreneurs are expected to commit their time and energy to serve as leaders in their community, providing opportunities for others to achieve social and/or economic growth
  • Your business is a full-time endeavor

Results You Can Expect

  • Accelerated growth in your business
  • Increased profitability
  • Subsequently develop additional employment opportunities within your community
  • High level of visibility for your business
  • Social, print and other types of media coverage
  • Increased opportunities to enter global supply chains (if applicable)
  • TGI will advise, support, measure, certify, and act as your advocate
  • TGI stands behind and qualifies you to lenders, investors, partners, financial institutions, suppliers and purchasing organizations
  • Working together with partners to identify business opportunities specifically for you
  • Additional level of credibility, access to opportunity and continued recognition in your community
  • Access to a strong network of local and global fellow women entrepreneurs


The program is a $5000 value. Selected Thinkers are responsible for $1500, with remaining funds coming from TGI’s partners to cover the full 16-week program cost.

After the 16-weeks, Thinkers are given the opportunity to continue working with TGI advisors and have access to our global network on an annual membership basis.


TGI is unique in that we do not take equity in your business.

If seeking an investor is the right choice for your business, we can instigate and fast-track discussions between you and investors who respect and recognize your participation in TGI as an advantage and differentiator.